Stan keeps himself busy--

B i o g r a p h y

  • Performing with his jazz quartet. vibes, guitar, bass & drums.

  • Performing in the Dave and Stan Duo. Dave Margheim, guitar and Stan Gibb, vibes and/or marimba.

  • Performing  with his computer assisted Mallet-Kat..

  • Performing in the percussion section of the Central Arizona Concert Band (CACB).

  • Arranging music for the CACB.

  • Accompanying vocalist Karin Behrends.

  • Writing and arranging church music for choir and soloists.

  • Being a husband to Andrea McFarland Gibb.

  • Being a father to David, Bart, Casey and Maren and a grandfather to 23 rascals.

  • Serving as a clerk in his church.




  • Studied marimba and vibraphone from San Francisco night club drummer Gene Bardolli.

  • Mid-1960's  Performed with his jazz quartet in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • 1968 Awarded Bachelor of Music degree from San Francisco State College.

  • 1970 Awarded Master of Arts degree from SFSC.

  • 1970 Became a member of ASCAP.

  • 1971-72 Taught at Oklahoma University

  • 1974-2002 Taught Music Theory, Composition, Percussion, Music Technology and Music Business classes at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.

  • 1976 Awarded Doctor of Musical Arts degree from North Texas State University.




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