Electronic Music


My path into electronic music


From childhood to the university.


First Commercial Synthesizers for composers


There were electronic music synthesizers as early as th 1890's. The first generation of these instruments were one of a kind, never mass produced and were therefore used by very few people. The first mass produced (commercial) synthesizer was the Theremin. It had only one timbre and was primarily used as a performance instrument. The second generation came with the Buchla and Moog synthesizers. They had the capability of creating an unlimited number of timbres and were used by composers looking for new sounds. They were not good performance instruments because of the time and effort it took to wire and adjust the instrument when ever a different sound was desired.

Once the popular music musician discovered these instruments capabilities, research and development exploded and the 3rd generation of electronic synthesis was underway.



Mallet Kat performances



The ultimate keyboard instrument for percussionists. My application is to use the instrument as a one-man-band with the aid of sequencing software.



The story behind They Call It a Revolution, The Cause and Give Me Peace at any Price


From creation during anti-war demonstrations to FM radio air-play to learning about the music business.

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